Express Facial $55

Don't have a lot of time? No problem with this quick facial you will be in and out in no time with a fresh radiant glow. Includes Cleansing, a grounding massage or deep cleanse, serum, and moisturizer. 30 min.

Dew You Facial  $85

Our most popular facial! After a thorough skin analysis by our Certified Clinical Esthetician, you can be sure your getting the perfect treatment for your skins needs and will leave with a healthy radiant glow.       60min

Revitalizing Antioxidant Facial  $85

 A powerful triple-phase Vitamin C treatment is utilized to help reverse fine lines, stimulate collagen production, and leave the skin looking refreshed and beautifully luminous.        60 min.

Hydrating Rose Facial  $85

All skin needs hydration to look and feel amazing, and this treatment is perfect when you want that extra boost. Rich in essential fatty acids and natural humectants, this facial infuses the skin with extreme moisture, keeping it smooth and glowing.         60 min.

Redness Relief Facial  $85

Specially designed for skin that is sensitive or reactive to environmental elements. Our unique plant extract blends are renowned for balancing the skin and easing redness, irritation and dryness.         60 min.

Purely Detoxifying Facial  $70

Deeply cleanse the skin using the Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber with purifying botanicals and natural antioxidants to remove impurities and toxins. Effective anti-inflammatory and cell renewing botanicals help to repair and revitalize, leaving skin smooth and refreshed. High Frequency and/ or Blue L.E.D. is included to help heal current blemishes and prevent future ones.         60 min.

  Dew You Detox Club $95

      For those who need a little extra help controlling their acne. You will receive TWO- 45 minute  treatments each month and will be provided with instructions for at home care.        45 min. (x2)

Nutri-Define Anti-Aging Facial  $110

   Reignite your skin’s youthful luminosity by targeting the multiple signs of aging. This decadent treatment is as powerful as it is luxurious. A combination of 5 botanical life-changers in a natural, high-tech delivery system is the key to the exceptional age erasing results, leaving you with a more radiant youthful appearance.           90 min.

Back Facial $90

Everything you love about a facial but on your back! Includes Cleanse, Exfoliate, Extractions if necessary, mask, tone, and moisturize.       60 min.